Re-dispersible Emulsion Powder


Product performance

Re-dispersible emulsion powder is the powder form of a special emulsion (macromolecul-arpolymers) after spraying and drying. It dissolves in water easily and quickly forms emulsion, the same with the original emulsion. The membrane will form after the moisture is evaporated; this kind of membrane possesses high flexibility, good climate resistance and high adhesive to various substrates.


Application scope (suggestion)


l  Used to adhere mortar to exterior walls for heat preservarion and isolation.

l  Used as soft putty for exterior walls of buildings.

l  Used in Flexibility-demanding cement-based polymer mortar products.


l  Used as tile adhesive

l  Used to adhere mortar to exterior walls for heat preservation and insulation

l  Used as interface dry powder

l  Used as gravity flow mortar and level ground material.


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25kg paper bags.