T.D.S. of Adipic Acid


Quick Details

Classification: Adipic Acid           

CAS No.:124-04-9

Other Names: Hexanedioic acid    

MF: C6H10O4

Place of Origin: China                   

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade


Appearance: White Powder

Application: Industrial





Physical properties

Name of Product:

Adipic Acid 

CAS No.:



white crystalline or crystalline powder 


have a smell of burning bones

Burning point (open cup) :


Melt viscosity:

4.54 mPa s (160 )




Soluble in alcohol, ether and most organic solvents. Slightly soluble in water, the solubility of adipic acid in water changes greatly with temperature, whose solubility can increase 20 times. The solubility at 15 is 1.44 g / 100 ml; the solubility at 25 is 2.3 g / 100 ml; the solubility at 100 is 160 g / 100 ml.




Adipic acid is mainly used as the material of nylon 66 and engineering plastics, also used in the production of various kinds of ester products, also used as the material of polyurethane elastomer, all kinds of food and beverage acidulant, whose role is sometimes better than citric acid and tartaric acid.










Quality Index


Purity (Wt. %)

99.80 min

ASH (mg/kg)

4.0 max

Water Content ( Wt. %)

0.20 max

Fe (mg/kg)

0.40 max

Nitric Acid (mg/kg)

3.0 max




Store in a cool, ventilated, dry, clean warehouse, and do not stack in the open air. The storage period is 12 months.



1000 kg Jumbo bag.


AA package